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Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners Law Firm is dedicated to providing professional legal services at a reasonable cost. Our fees are reasonable and fair but they do reflect the expertise, time and efforts that we dedicate in every legal matter we handle.

Our fee structure is flexible as our personal legal advice - our clients' fee schedule may include hourly rates, flat fee arrangement or other flexible arrangements (excluding contingency fees). At Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners Law Firm we usually offer our professional legal services on the basis of an hourly fee. Hourly billing is not always most appropriate and we often explore alternative billing arrangements in accordance with our clients' respective objectives. Most often we agree to a flat fee for our legal services as the amount depends on the complexity of the situation. For long-term relationships, we also offer Consultancy Agreements - the basis of our In-House Counsel Service, providing our clients with an immediate access to legal counsel and assistance in all facets of business law.

In certain cases, we are required by law to charge the minimum statutory legal fees pursuant to the Regulation No. 1 of 9 July 2004 related to the Minimum Rate of Attorneys' Remuneration. We charge a consultation fee (office, telephone or e-mail) at a rate depending on the complexity on the legal matter and the duration of the consultation - however, we often waive the initial consultation fee.

Our fees don't include the costs associated with handling clients' matters, such as state, notarial taxes, etc. - they are to be paid additionally. We provide our clients with the best estimate of how much our legal services will cost and keep them advised on any eventual changes to these anticipated costs. In order to maintain billing transparency we provide, upon request, a regular report of the level of costs incurred, as well as a detailed break-down of the fees charged in our invoices.

In order to get more detailed information about our fees (including about particular legal services), please contact us here.

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