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Our clients expect us to provide them with comprehensive legal service and advice. We would like to be able to solve all of our clients' legal matters and by recognizing our limitations (having expertise in specific legal areas and practicing law in particular geographical region) we work closely with other Bulgarian and foreign legal and non-legal professionals to better serve their legal needs and produce better results.

Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners Law Firm cooperates on an ongoing basis with non-legal professionals and uses their expert services should their assistance be required to arrive at a comprehensive solution. Our network of cooperating non-legal professionals include accountants, translators, real estate brokers, contractors and architects, bankers, insurance and investments professionals, marketing experts, etc. Establishing our interdisciplinary network as part of our consulting activities has enabled us throughout the years to better serve our clients' needs.

Our lawyers practice in specific legal areas, but we have always been trying to assist our client in solving any of their legal problems. That's why Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners Law Firm has a network of corresponding Bulgarian attorneys who we refer matters outside our expertise to and work closely with in order to achieve better results. We also maintain active contacts with other attorneys in numerous locations in Bulgaria so as to be able to represent clients interests in all major national venue with assistance from attorneys located and practicing there.

In today's globalized economy most of our clients operate on an international level. That's why our law firm maintains contacts database of cooperating lawyers all around the world, assisting us with producing better results for our clients in regard with their cross-border business activities.

Please, note that all cooperating partners of Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners Law Firm are independent entities and individuals. Our law firm is not a member of any formalized networks, but enjoys a broad range of long-standing contacts with other legal and non-legal professionals. We cooperate with our partners in compliance with Bulgarian laws on Attorney ethics and professional conduct.

We value our existing relationships with local and foreign lawyers and non-legal professionals and we welcome the opportunity to develop new ones. We would be pleased to hear from you about our working together - please, click here to send us a message.

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