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Please, find below a detailed “step-by-step” description of the procedure for registration of changes under the company’s file in the Commercial Register. The procedure goes in the same manner for all types of companies and the specificities are taken into consideration in the respective order web forms.

1. Fill in the respective order web form for registration of changes under the file of the company of your choice:

Registration of changes regarding a sole proprietor (ET)

Registration of changes regarding a general partnership company (SD)

Registration of changes regarding a limited liability company / single-person limited liability company (OOD / EOOD)

Registration of changes regarding a joint stock company (AD)

2. Pay the price for the online service, in the amounts and ways specified below:

2.1. Price of the service

2.1.1. Registration of changes regarding ET – 75 levs;

2.1.2. Registration of changes regarding SD – 90 levs;

2.1.3. Registration of changes regarding OOD / EOOD – 150 levs;

2.1.4. Registration of changes regarding AD – 300 levs.

* The so determined price does not include the state fees for registration of the changes and company’s name reservation (optional), as well as the expenses incurred in the process of preparation of the documents, which is to be carried out by you (e.g. notarial fees for signatures certifications, bank commissions, translation and legalization of documents). Please, let us know if you’d like us to calculate in advance the exact amount of due taxes.

2.2. Ways of payment

2.2.1. Via a bank transfer – click here for our bank account information.

2.2.2. ePay – this payment method is currently in process of integration.

2.2.3. In our office – please, fill in this web form in order to schedule an appointment with us. Click here to find out our office’s address.

3. Upon payment of the service price under it. 2.1. hereinabove, we will prepare the necessary documents for registration of the respective changes and will send them to you via e-mail, together with detailed instructions for their correct completion and the further actions you should take.

4. After you prepare and sign the documents (and provide the additionally required ones), you will have to scan them in .PDF format, each document in a separate file, not exceeding 4 MB. If you don’t have a scanner of your own, you could always visit the nearby Office 1. Please, review the documents thoroughly before signing them and take notes with eventual questions and comments, so that we may discuss them prior to continuing the procedure. After that you need to send us the scanned documents to office@gsv-lawyers.com and if they are ok, we will file them with the Commercial Register by the end of the next business day.

5. After the registration of the respective changes in the Commercial Register, you will be immediately notified about that via e-mail. Within next 2 business days we will send you via courier the respective actual status certificate, together with the invoice for the services rendered.

If you have any further questions regarding the procedure, please address them to us here. To start the procedure, please click the respective link under it. 1 hereinabove and provide in details the required information.

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