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Terms of Use

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1. This SITE is property of Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners and is protected by copyright and database rights. You may print a copy of any part of the SITE for your personal, non-commercial use, but you may not copy any part of the SITE for any other purpose. Inclusion of any part of the SITE in another work, whether in printed, electronic, or other form, is prohibited without our prior written consent.

2. Some links within the SITE may lead to other sites. Our law firm is not responsible for any third-party content that may accessed through this SITE.

3. This SITE is not intended to constitute advertising under applicable laws and ethical rules (Bulgarian Attorneys Act and Attorneys Ethics Code).

4. Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners Law Firm takes great care to ensure the security of the SITE and your personal information. We have implemented up-to-date security measures and procedures to keep personal information as safe and secure as possible against access by not authorized third parties (services.gsv-lawyers.com is SSL Secured and Password Protected Area) and against accidental loss and destruction (we regularly backup our databases). However, Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners shall not be liable for any failure or unavailability of the SITE and/or services, as well for any loss or exposure of personal information, which is due to force majeure or third parties' criminal acts. If you don't consider the security measures taken as being enough, please do not use the SITE.

5. Our law firm does not guarantee that any information on this SITE is correct, complete or "up-to-date".

6. This SITE's content is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.

7. The above applies to our Free Online Consultation system as well. The information posted is not a substitute for receiving counsel and legal advice based on the facts and circumstances of a particular case. It is intended to educate members of the public generally and is not intended to provide solutions to individual problems. We reserve the right not to answer questions and consultation requests (delete from our system) that we consider out of our field of expertise. We make no guarantees as to when we will respond to a consultation request. The "Answers", published in this System, are provided on the grounds of art. 24, para. 1, it. 1, in conjunction with art. 38, para. 1 of the Attorneys Act.

8. Use of the SITE (e-mails messages sent to us and information provided) does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners. Our law firm expressly denies that such relationship is formed unless and until the parties have come to an agreement regarding legal representation.

9. The completing and sending the order web form for the service “Receivables’ Collection” is for informational purposes only. Particular actions for collecting of overdue debts will be undertaken only upon analysis of the provided information and coming to a respective agreement with the client. Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners reserves its right to decline any order, for which the respective client will be promptly informed. The information provided will be kept in strict confidentiality, in accordance with the requirements of Art. 45 of Attorneys Act. Grigorov,Vasileva  & Partners does not give any guarantees for the successful completion of the procedure of debts’ collection.

10. The online service COMPANIES ONLINE is subject to the following terms and conditions:

10.1. The client shall bear full responsibility for the authenticity of the provided information, as well as for the genuiness of the declared circumstances and sent original documents.

10.2. The order for the particular service shall become binding on the parties upon payment by the client of the service price. Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners reserves its right to decline any particular order, as in case it happens after the payment of the service price under the preceding sentence, the latter shall be obligated to return the service price within one month after its receiving.

10.3. The client shall have the right to withdraw its order at any time, but not later than the documents’ submission in the Commercial Register with the Registry Agency. In case that the declaration of intention is brought to Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners after the documents are drawn up, the client shall be entitled to receiving back 50% of the paid fee (service price).

10.4. The prices of the online services of Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners include only the attorney fee. They do no include the various state registration fees, as well as the expenses to be incurred in the process of documents’ preparation (e.g. notarial fees, bank commissions, fees for translation and legalization), which are to be paid personally by the client upon receiving the respective instructions for that.

10.5. The prices of the services shall be paid via a bank transfer (via the account, specified on the respective web pages) or in our office. Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners shall be obligated to issue an invoice against the paid service price, which shall be furnished to the client upon the completion of the procedure, sent via courier.

10.6. Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners assumes the obligation, after receiving the service price, to prepare and send to the client (via e-mail) the necessary documents, together with detailed instructions for the further actions of the client. Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners reserves its right to require any additional information necessary for the preparation of an accurate documentation. The information provided shall be used only for the purposes of the successful registration in the Commercial Register.

10.7. In case that the provided documents meet the requirements set forth by the law, Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners shall be obligated to file the latter in the Commercial Register by the end of the next business day, following the one of their receiving.

10.8. After the completion of the registration procedure, Grigorov & Partners shall be obligated to send to the client via courier a certificate for actual status (evidencing the respective registration), together with the invoice for the paid service price.

10.9. Grigorov, Vasileva & Partners does not guarantee the successful completion of any of the registration procedures. In case of refusal by the registration official at the Registry Agency, we shall be obligated to carry out, free of charge, a second registration attempt, provided that the due state and other additional fees shall be for the account of the client.

These Terms of Use have been last updated on: November 29, 2010.

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